Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Saturday among the books.

I am happy to report that today was an ideal follow-up to yesterday. The sun is so welcoming in our windows, and I woke up with a feeling like I was ready for the day, for all of it. We made a big breakfast of beignets and eggs and leftover Thanksgiving ham, Meg and Mike in the kitchen with me making December plans. Afterward, Mike and I hunted big game on the Wii, and I blew off steam from the frustration (I'm the worst at video games) by brushing my teeth, straightening my hair.

Then we spent the whole day around books. We stopped off at the library so Mike could get a new audiobook, and so I could return the humorously ambitious stack I checked out the week before. Then we strolled hand-in-hand to the Harvard Bookstore's warehouse sale in Somerville. We wandered for hours, filling our arms with books that I eventually talked myself into putting back. I spent only eight bucks, and left with one book of short stories and a fresh notebook that was a third of the price those moleskins usually go for. We were there so long I left dehydrated and with a headache. Or maybe that was just my body's way of giving me an excuse to stop off at the Biscuit on our way home for a latte, a feta and tomato croissant, and two stories from my new book.

Now we're home and full from our dinner of chili and chicken sausage dogs with homemade fries. I'm knitting new ideas and deciding if I want to watch an episode of The New Girl or Edward Scissorhands. And as usual the answer is C) All of the Above.

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