Friday, December 2, 2011

Here's to the weekend.

Today was a day from hell, can I just say that? Not the entire day, just the last few hours or so. The entire day was spent rectifying a mistake I made last week. It was unavoidable, and the product of the perfect storm of circumstances, but still left me feeling small and responsible. So today another girl and I set about fixing it: entering edits all over again. And it went well. We powered through, and gave each other pep talks over IM, and I splurged on coffee and a cookie. I took short breaks and stretched and listened to music really loudly. Then in the last hour, when I was so close to done, as the day winded down, I was distracted by various things, and I found myself getting short with people. Finally things quieted down again, and I got back to work. I finally finished, and I'm so glad the work is done with the day, but Monday looms with the checklist of things I didn't get to today.

None of this is really life threatening, and I know that my shoulders won't be as tense come 8 o'clock when we head to Jennatron's for Jew-a-roni and ice cream, but right now I just want to curl up into a ball and wave a white flag to the god of being a small fish in a big, confusing, technical pond.

Alas! I did make that little owl up there for my niece's Christmas present last night. You can definitely tell it's my first, but I'm hoping it's flaws will make it precious to her.

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