Monday, December 19, 2011

My Day in Instagrams: Working From Home Edition

I head south of the Mason-Dixon tomorrow for the holidays, so today is spent antsy to be done with work and waiting. So excited for the days to come, for the kind of relaxation that can only happen when you are home in the company of those that share your DNA, for better or worse. I'm excited for Mike to meet my family, to have so many aspects of my personality explained, amplified. And I'm excited for my family to meet the man that has made this past year so different than all the others that came before. I'm ready, again, for the two lives I've lived to come together, if only for a while, as one, for better or worse.

This is what an antsy day of working from home looks like.
 A little midafternoon snack of cider donuts from Randall's Farm in Ludlow and hot coffee.
 Patiently waiting for water to boil. 
 My life these days. 
 Leftovers from a dinner party. 
 The late afternoon sun. 
The teapot and stove are still clean! A Christmas miracle!

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