Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome, Fall.

A Big E teaser of next weekend.
I'm wearing a sweater right now that I stole from Mike's leftover-from-the-tag-sale pile. I made some extra cash selling old electronics we found in the living room closet at home and popcorn that Mike's parents set up. It was a busy weekend, going back and forth from the tag sale to the Big E and back again, but well worth it. We ate cheese curds, fried Oreos, poutine, veggie tempura, soft serve, mini donuts (melted in my mouth), kielbasa peirogi, a Craz-E burger, and a corn dog over the course of two nights. Don't worry, we shared with three others, but my insides are slowly purging the fair food. On the menu tonight is fresh rolls and lots of water.

I'm easing into Monday very slowly. We ended up staying in Ludlow an extra night because we won a cruise for two (with airfare!) at the Big E on Saturday night. The only catch was that we had to take a 90-minute tour of a timeshare in Lee, MA, yesterday. So about a year from now, we'll be cruising our way to the Bahamas for free. Can't beat that, can you?

I leave for New Orleans on Thursday, so I'm trying to get ahead on work. I've been feeling so scatterbrained lately, and a little less than myself. I'm hoping the incoming cool weather and the settling that happens with the approach of winter will help with that.

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Christina said...

A free cruise! Awesome. We had fun last year! Can't wait to go back.