Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This sweater is itchy.

I mentioned yesterday that I've been feeling a little less than myself. There is a mixture of reasons, the natural ebb of my moods, the gray side effects of a homebody removed from home for a prolonged period. This morning I thought I'd embrace the coming season - my favorite - and wear boots and a knit sweater. I stopped for coffee and read on the train. I got right to work this morning, then took a break. I wrote something not work related because I could. I'm listening to music, and putting songs I love on repeat. I am planning when my next run will be, when my next curl-up-on-the-couch with a book time will be.

I leave for New Orleans on Thursday, and I'll be back around 1:30 Monday morning, no doubt cranky for lack of sleep and the cost of a cab ride. But then I will celebrate my birthday the following Thursday, and I will go dancing with friends. I will spend a weekend with Mike. I will try on the feel of saying I'm twenty-five when people ask my age. I will try on the feel of people not asking my age so often. I will adjust and one of these days, I will realize that I feel like, that I am myself once again. That it happened without fanfare, happened without any heavy lifting or grand realizations.

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