Monday, September 12, 2011

A day late and a dollar short.

Wow. I just met a deadline that I thought was tomorrow, but alas was today. It's been a strange transition, figuring out how to fit contract work into my already packed days, but it's been teaching me the value of a night to myself or a Sunday of wandering with friends.

This was my one weekend scheduled for Cambridge for September, and I soaked every bit of in. Saturday Mike and I hit up the lawn in front of the library for a final hurrah of board games, pumpkin spiced coffee, and more books than I can read before they're due. We were approached by puppies and stared shamelessly at tennis games and temperamental children. It was chilly, but we soldiered on until the sun started to set. Yesterday we made an epic brunch of stuffed french toast, eggs, and Mike's potato medley. Ten of us packed onto the porch for breakfast and coffee, then heading to SOWA open markets in the South End for grilled cheese and free samples. I'm writing an article for TNGG: Boston on Roxy's Grilled Cheese, so I got some photos and some delicious samples. We spent the night in, watching The Savages (so good), eating must-gos (Mike's name for leftovers), and getting all of our cuddling in before our week apart.

Excited for another evening in, getting my bearings and preparing for the week ahead, a day late.

xo, Mel.

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