Monday, August 15, 2011

Postal Service.

I've been listening to Postal Service a lot lately. The Postal Service Pandora station accompanied me last week while I drove to work from my dogsitting gig, and it's been in my ear all morning. I had a great weekend, despite my intense Six Flags hangover after Saturday. I just need to accept that rollercoasters aren't my thing. After two rides, my head hurt and I had the beginning wisps of a nausea that still threatens me even today. Other than that, mini-golfing on Friday and all kinds of delicious ice cream and veggie pizza and Twin Peaks made it a good weekend despite the rain. I went to Joann's Fabrics yesterday and got supplies for Christmas gifts and a skirt that I want to try and make. More updates on that later, for now I'm working, jamming out, and reminiscing via Instagram.

The moon was incredible during our mini golf game. Too bad my camera couldn't quite capture it. 


Ashley Slater said...

oooh, what christmas gifts are you making?!

Mel said...

I'm making some personalized embroidered slogans for some of my friends, and I just got a pattern on etsy to make a t-shirt for my boyfriend! I'm excited!

Christina said...

I saw you live in Ma from A Cup of Joe and thought I'd come by and say hello! I lived in Atlanta and Kennesaw Ga for 10 years, then Boston for 3 and now I live in Northampton, Ma. I have to say Postal Service reminds me of being 21 and at Ga State again.
P.S. Twin Peaks is so good!