Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Mike and I are back in the 'bridge. After about three hours of sleep, plus another forty-five-ish minutes of sleep on the plane, then a stolen thirty minutes upon arrival at my apartment, I am running on fumes. Mike got to sleep in as a reward for teaching America's youth while I tried not to cry to the Verizon guy about my broken modem. He woke up to me in mid-freak-out and calmed me down. After a shower and a shawarma, we are sitting pretty in Lyndell's A/C. Nothing a soft cookie and free iced coffee refills can't fix, right? Slowly putting through work tasks and looking forward to a 5 o'clock nap. Hopefully we can steal Internet enough to watch some Netflix tonight while we huddle in front of the fan.

July 4th was a wonderful, relaxing weekend in Philly. This picture is from last year's Philly 4th celebration, and I got to hang out with these lovely ladies again this year. Too bad there was no ride around in the back of the pickup, though. How was yours?

(In other news, I won the June sponsor giveaway at My Girl Thursday!! Eeee!)

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