Thursday, July 7, 2011

Modern-day luxuries.

Well, we're in week 2 of almost exclusively working from home, and I'm about sick of it. Yes, it's nice to sleep an extra hour or so. Sure, it's great not having to premake my lunch the night before. Alright, it's pretty sweet getting to chat with my roommate while writing a blog post for work. But it's hot and I feel so removed from my coworkers and the productivity that my office encourages. I had to stay home today because of a dentist appointment that is quickly approaching and the ever-dreaded wait for the Verizon technician to fix our Internet connection.

Our Internet stopped working Tuesday morning after Mike and I got back from Philly, and it hasn't been working since. We've been mooching off our neighbors' wifi (who so kindly provided us with the password), but the overloaded network meant a slow connection and being kicked off several times an hour. Not ideal. Luckily, after many long phone calls, a technician showed up today and patched us up! We're back in business. With my anticipation for a dentist appointment and an inadequate lunch of carrots, hummus, and a microwaved corn dog, my day feels pretty much shot. Hopefully my plan to go swimming with Meg precisely at 5 PM pans out!

Another perk to working from home? Brewing a much-needed batch of iced coffee to store in the fridge and munching on last night's peach cobbler. I have forgotten why I was complaining in the first place.


Ashley said...

The food and drink perks from working at home = AMAZING.

Mel said...

Agreed! It's been a bit of an adjustment being back in the office this week, but also more productive. :)