Friday, July 22, 2011

I can stand the heat.

I've been on a baking spree the past few days. Yes, the past few in-the-90s days. We're waiting to hear back from the psychiatrist. Until then, I made one super easy recipe that's pretty versatile: Homemade Oreos. Okay, okay, so Oreos themselves aren't super versatile (unless you're making homemade ice cream, etc.), but the chocolate wafer cookies that you make pre-cream center are pretty versatile, and since I'm not really a fan of the cream center in Oreos, I'll probably use this recipe for other reasons. 

First off, I found this super simple recipe at everyday musings, which you should check out not only for her desserts-galore food section, but for her beautiful photos and well, musings. She adapted the recipe from Smitten Kitchen and I just realized Olivia's looked more like the real thing because she used dark cocoa powder. (Note to self made!)

1. My new vintage Tupperware set from the My Girl Thursday June sponsor giveaway! I won these from School of Vintage and they're awesome. 
2. My mixture of the dry ingredients. I love this huge bowl I found stuffed away in one of our kitchen cubbies. 
3. Added the wet ingredients. It kind of looks like ground beef at this stage, but soldier on. 
4. The cookies! After revisiting Olivia's version of these cookies, I really wish I'd used dark cocoa powder, but you live and learn, right?
5. Here are the cookies all assembled and filled! I much preferred them as ice cream sandwiches, but perhaps that's more to do with the 90 degree heat plus whatever my oven contributed, so see for yourself. 

I also made When Life Hands You Peaches Cobbler (the best one yet!) and these flourless peanut butter cookies, also found at everyday musings. Needless to say I had peach cobbler and ice cream for breakfast. 

Do you let a little summer heat kick you out of the kitchen or do you power up the fans and power through? 

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