Monday, June 6, 2011

The wild, wild west.

Just another Monday, except today I'm working from one of my favorite places in Ludlow (where my boy lives), The Radical Roaster. It's an adorable little coffeeshop several blocks from Mike's apartment, and it helps my days working from Mike's home less monotonous. Today, I splurged and got a breakfast sandwich and a medium coffee. It wasn't actually a splurge because it was their breakfast special, but still. I kind of wish I'd gotten the Belgian waffle, but it gives me something to look forward to.
Mike came to Cambridge Friday night for the book bloggers event where I was speaking, but the traffic was so bad he missed my presentation! (It went well, despite my nerves, and my friend Em and old roommate Kris actually made it out!) I got to meet several other book bloggers and plenty of book enthusiasts, so all in all it was a success. So happy I went through with it, and am learning that my fears often outweigh the dangers. Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:15 AM. Yes, you heard me right. The only downside (upside?) to my new four-windowed room is that the sun wakes up way before I should on a Saturday morning. Mike kept tossing and turning, so I got up and finagled a curtain over the main offending window. By then I was pretty awake, so I finished sewing the patches on a camping bag for my friend Ron for his birthday. Then I went into the kitchen to assess the dirty dishes situation (I'm super productive in the mornings), and remembered that we had seven bananas on the brink of rotting! So, I made two batches of banana bread. I made some into muffins with chocolate chip surprises in the middle, then one large sheetpan of it to take to Mike's family BBQ. After some breakfast and packing, we headed to Ludlow for the family party. It was awesome. There was the smell of sunscreen, delicious food, awesome company (his family is hilarious), pool volleyball, and roasted marshmallows. We were wiped afterward and fell asleep on his couch at 930 PM. 

Sunday was spent in Northhampton, wandering around, eating burritos and Herrell's ice cream, then heading back for some tennis with his roommate and friends. What a great day. It was exactly the weekend I need after the kind of week I had. Today I'm working from home, then we're heading back to Cambridge after Mike finishes work. I took some pictures in Northhampton yesterday, so when I get those developed, I'll be sure to share them. 

How was your weekend?

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