Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Goals.

Saw this post over at the lovely A Beautiful Mess, and thought making a list of goals should definitely be at the top of my to-do list. In Boston, the summer is pretty fleeting, so I want to make sure I maximize these warm months and start the fall with some sweet accomplishment under my belt.

1. Organize, organize, organize. I want to get specific here, or else I'll never get around to it. Big news: The boyfriend is moving in at the end of the summer. It's something we've discussed, and we both think it would be lovely to be closer to one another. I'll be sharing custody with his parents (the school where he works is much closer to them) during the week, but I still want to treat it as though he'll be there all of the time. I've already cleared out two drawers and plenty of hangers for him, but I want to get rid of more clutter and make sure that the space is rejuvenating and inspiring when there are two bodies/collections of stuff in it.

2. Write, write, write. This blog has been a great project for writing. Though I haven't been writing fiction as much as I used to, the project of journaling and reflecting has been wonderful for sorting through my everyday, processing, and cataloging memories. But this summer is for stepping it up and writing some serious fiction. I want to take full advantage of the talented writers in my writing group and get some stories done and sent to literary magazines.

3. Learn to sew. Last week I sat down with my inherited sewing machine and - overwhelmed by the hieroglyphics on the machine - quickly gave up. I plan to take the sewing basics class at gather here and this Home Ec e-course. Hopefully by winter I'll be well on my way to making my very first quilt out of Mike's old t-shirts!

4. Write more letters. I love writing letters, but just like my fiction, I've let it fall by the wayside. Now that I live in a larger room with four windows, I look forward to enjoying the sunset, the evening breeze, and updating friends and loved ones with the notes on the postcards that are piling up in my desk drawers.

5. Learn CSS and update this blog. My job allows me the awesome opportunity for complimentary tech books, including Plug-In CSS 100 Power Solutions from McGraw-Hill. I'll be reading through this book and hopefully updating my blog by the end of the summer. I'm excited to learn a new skill and make this space my own.

6. Explore Boston. I want to introduce Mike to Boston and Cambridge more! With the weather warming up, there are no more excuses for laying around. We started yesterday at ScooperBowl, eating all the ice cream we could eat and raising money for the Jimmy Fund!

What are your summer goals?

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