Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gone kite-flying.

Someone once told me that there are people who make a living entering contests on the internet. AP Economics taught me that nothing is free, and the time these people spend entering and losing contests probably grossly outweighs what they actually win. So while I don't make a living from entering contests, I love throwing my name in the ring to see if I actually win. Despite the depressing ratio of entries to wins, I recently added another notch to the "wins" side. Thanks again to Campfire Chic for hosting a giveaway from the talented Khara Ledonne. Finding the tiny, adorable, hand-painted "Go Fly a Kite" locket in my pile of mail yesterday really eased the blow of coming back to the real world after such a kick-ass weekend.

Go check out Campfire Chic's blog and Twitter for more great giveaways. And spend a good hour or two perusing the adorable, impressively detailed lockets at Khara Ledonne's etsy shop!

(Also, my birthday's coming up and this is officially on my list.)

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