Thursday, May 26, 2011

Waiting for trains that never arrive.

I can't stop listening to Persimmon (Unplugged) by Hot Bitch Arsenal. It's perfect for the weather and my current mental pace.

Yesterday was a weird day. It started out well enough when I woke up and realized the sun was out. Something that hadn't happened in quite a while. I wanted to take full advantage of the wonderful change in the weather and ride my bike to the train, but Mike had been thinking about coming to visit last night, so I thought I'd better just take the bus in case he picked me up from work. So I walked to the bus stop and as I approached, both of my buses pulled away. Then I waited twenty-five minutes for the next one, thinking all the time about how I'd be halfway to work if I'd just ridden my bike.

It was field day at Mike's school so he couldn't text all day, and I tried to be patient, not wanting to stress him out and asking if he thought he'd be able to make it after work. When I hadn't heard from him at 330 (school ends at 230), I started getting upset. He could at least let me know he can't come, I thought in a not-so-friendly tone. At 4, I get a barrage of text messages: "Yayyyy. I made it." "If I told you I was outside would you....? a. Say 'no you wain't' [inside joke] b. Be mad that I didn't tell you I was coming c. Be happy that I was here" ... and then, when My phone didn't give me these text messages right away and I didn't respond, he sent these: "Or d. Be too busy to look at your phone." Then the more panicked, "Melk where are you?????"

Any annoyance (really just a misplaced sadness) I felt was gone. I packed up my things and rushed out to him. (I even gave him the rest of my chocolate-covered pretzels because I felt bad for having been annoyed.) Then we proceeded to have a lovely evening, which consisted of sharing a delicious burrito from Olecito and lemonade from 1369 on my porch. I went to my writing group, where we sat outside and discussed fiction and poetry, then biked home to Mike. What a lovely feeling. We watched a bit of Collapse - until we were both depressed and sleepy - then fell asleep with the window open and the night breeze flowing in.

Guh, summer's here and the weather app on my phone is prophesying a week of sunshine and 70s. FINALLY. 

Excited to play with my new camera all weekend and actually develop the prints. (I had a major malfunction with the first roll and it came back...empty. Whoopsie!)

What's your plan for the weekend?

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