Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Non-manic Mondays.

Mike took a personal day on Monday, and we spent the day working from home - he worked on a lab for his Health classes and I worked a regular Monday. While he slept in, I woke up early - mainly to move his car from the meter - and to hang out at 1369, my favorite coffeeshop that I've been neglecting lately. I read some of the New York Times Book Review, sipped some coffee, and got some breakfast for us. I played with my camera for a while in the afternoon, then when we were both finished with work, we walked to the library down the street. I returned some books and checked out a book on photography.

That night some friends came over for dinner (Mike made Lazy Poosta, I always forget the name). They brought beer and cupcakes, and we sat around the kitchen table for a while playing an iPhone app version of Catch Phrase. It was a blast and a great end to a long weekend. Nothing like some board games and dinners in to help pass these rainy days.

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