Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A new tune for Tuesday.

Mmm, root beer & leftovers!
Had a wonderful weekend celebrating Mike's birthday with hibachi, Twinkie cake, tag-saling, and bowling! Back in the 'bridge now (actually in Newton, at work). Last night we had some friends over for dinner and board (well, iPhone app board) games. It was a blast, and the perfect start to the week.

Our soda cooler at work had root beer today, my favorite! I hardly ever drink soda, so it was a treat to see it in there. I can't usually resist it, and it was a nice pick me up in this dreary weather and return to the office after three days working remote.

I bought a Pentax K1000 with lenses and a tripod at a tag sale on Saturday, and I'm stoked to go for a walk tonight and take pictures. I checked out a book to read up on SLRs and film photography, since all I've ever used are my phone and a point and shoot. I'm excited to get going on a new hobby and get creative. My test roll of film is almost finished, and I can't wait to get it developed and see how I did!

What'd you do this weekend?

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