Thursday, May 12, 2011

My epic Peter Pan bus trip.

So I left work around 4:10 yesterday afternoon to wait for my 4:20 bus to Ludlow. Around 5:45, I boarded a bus headed to Worcester (notice I didn't say Springfield?). Apparently, the bus driver of my original bus simply missed my stop. He just drove on by. After being on hold for many, many minutes (enduring infuriating elevator music on loop), the woman came back on the line to say, "My supervisor is calling the bus to see if he forgot you," then promptly put me back on hold. Wait, what? 

A long, frustrating story short: I got to where I was headed an hour after I was supposed to arrive, upset and annoyed. Luckily, seeing Mike's face cheers me up right away. We got delicious BBQ, watched the (albeit disappointing) Celtics game, and walked to get ice cream afterward. The air was balmy and the warmth survived even after the sun set. It was pleasant and the perfect way to end a day that just didn't go my way. First world problems, and all that.

That said, my Twinkie cake plan is well underway! I bought the supplies last night (along with an ill-advised impulse buy of Twizzlers) and they are hidden away from Mike's inquiring eyes. I can't wait to wake up early tomorrow and get started! Tonight is his teacher's banquet where he is being presented with an award. I'm excited to see him rewarded for doing something he loves and is very good at. He's so amazing, and I'm stoked to have a weekend to let him know that.

Today I made muffins, am enjoying breezes through the open windows, and my new Bailey's Irish Creamer in my coffee (non-alcoholic, don't worry). I realized that I forgot Mike's storebought card at home, and I made one yesterday/today. Homemade cards are way better anyway, and it features a cute little pop up fencing sword inside (he's a fencer), so it's way more personalized. All I needed was some colored paper and some scissors, and I was entertained for hours.

Here's to new days and (almost) new weekends! How's your Thursday going?

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