Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend vomit.

I'm all over the place these days! After reading Jung, I started a dream journal, which is more just me standing in the shower thinking about the dream I had and wishing I had time to jot it down. Discipline takes time.

This past weekend was Kappa Alumnae Weekend, and I must say it was quite the success. Shawn Elise and Nicole got in on Thursday night. After my (bogus) Newsletter and Blog-writing class, I joined Kappas at the Performance Festival for TBN. George Watsky performed, and Brittany Perro gave a beautiful and eye-opening reading. Afterward, we went to Sweetwater for some beers, then back to my apartment for sleepover #1! Shawn Elise began her hilarious, "I'm just crawling under the covers to get warm" routine for the weekend. Friday I worked from home and hung out with Nicole. After pancakes, Shawn Elise went to get her hair done and hang with friends. I headed to campus in time to catch the tail-end of the Action Day event for TBN and record a PSA.

Then, Shawn Elise, Nicole, Katie, Jenna and I made the rounds, starting at Remingtons (with angry Asian hostess and Gabe), dinner at Tantric (DELICIOUS, we were all starved), then a shot at Sweetwater to meet up with more kappas. Afterward, we crashed Jane Kang's birthday party in Central and stayed way too late, dancing until almost 230 in the morning. Katharine's Chris was a big hit, which led to wet papertowels the next day in Katie's car.

The luncheon was nice and bright at Cafeteria on Newbury. Plenty of pictures and food. I had an amazing chocolate peanut butter cake. Mmm. Afterward, Katie, Nicole, Jenna, and Sam McAfee and I walked around Newbury, hitting up Borders and Filene's. After the Vagina Monologues, we headed back to Katie's for sleepover #2! Late night shenanigans with wine, temporary tattoos and open windows led to an early morning at Sorella's in JP. Mike and Jay made an appearance for brunch. I had pancakes and coffee and some of one of SET's friend's corned beef hash. Mike had a burrito. Katie, Nicole, and I all wore Vagina is for lovers t-shirts, and we took pictures. Then we headed to Tamika's to hang with her and Asha and their newest addition, Farrah, who is guhdorable. It's always heartwarming to see her being an adult and living the life she so craved during Emerson undergrad/pledge. That girl is in for a treat with them and vice versa.

After that, Mike and I headed home for a nap and a "nap," then got dinner with Missie and Ray at Friendly's Express. After a jaunt at TJ Maxx and an awesome game of Punchbuggy Giraffe, we headed to Trader Joe's for a mini-grocery shopping. We were in bed early because Mike was wiped.

Yesterday was Cake Monday at work, and last night was catch up night with dinner, laundry, and homework. I finally started Ron's backpack patches, and I should finish them tonight. I have the final installment of the Emerson class, then I'm home free! Meg's coming over after work for a sleepover, and then it's Bagel Wednesday!

Tomorrow night is Abroad101's launch party, so KMo and I are going to support Jenna and drink free beer and take pictures in front of a green screen. I'm pretty stoked. Thursday is a no-doubt dragging day at work and then... Ludlow!! SO stoked to go back and have a normal long weekend with Mike.

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