Thursday, April 7, 2011

Laughter in the sun.

The sun is shining today. I am keeping up with my letters to grandma, even though I haven't received any from her in quite some time (tsk, tsk). I finished Nabokov's Laughter in the Dark for the No Fun Book Club this morning on the train, and had time to play some of my Words with Friends games. Today I've already spent $11 on food and iced coffee, which is a fail. It was all delicious, so at least it's not a FAIL. At 4:20 I will board a bus to Ludlow again, and I cannot wait. My heart flutters at the thought. Anticipation, putting off things you want so badly: These are the page-turners of our lives.

I look forward to cuddling, lounging, reading, cooking, and bowling this weekend. I have gotten two separate instances of praise from two separate bosses today, and I feel good. I read a couple great interviews at, and I am in awe of Gaby Dunn. She is going places, and I'm excited to read along as she does.

Excitement for the Redivider fiction contest has officially turned to anxiety. Anxiousness.

Dad gets in on Wednesday (!!) and he'll be hanging out at the rescheduled Writles meeting that night. I'm so excited to see him and do some more Cambridge-exploring with him. We are so similar, and it is so convenient. Mike is coming Friday and will stay until Saturday, which will be perfect timing and amount of time. I'm excited to see their dynamic and show him ours.

Today's blessing: The guy at Lyndell's accidentally put sugar in my iced coffee, and it was delicious. Coffee milkshake first thing in the morning? OKAY.

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