Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snoozing & losing.

Every day I set three alarms: 6:02, 6:12, 6:26. Lately I’ve adopted the habit of waking up to each alarm, staring out the window at the breaking dawn then falling back to sleep. Then around 7 am I jump out of bed and rush through my morning routine hoping the whole time that I won’t be late to work. Sounds efficient, right?

I need to be more proactive in my writing and my preparation for each day. Starting tomorrow, I will wake up twenty minutes earlier than I’ve allowed myself to get into the habit of waking up. The day after that, twenty minutes more. Eventually I won’t go to sleep and I will have published several collections of short stories. But let’s get through tomorrow first.

Reading today: Short story entries and a poem for my writing group, The Writles. Some killer submissions this week that I can’t wait to discuss tonight.

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