Thursday, August 16, 2012

On settling.

Moving into our own apartment has been one little exciting thing after another. We're still in the process of vacating our old apartment, dealing with the unprofessionalism of that management company, but knowing I get to come home to our own little corner makes the whole day wipe away as soon as I turn my key in the door.

Mike's been out of town a couple of days this week going to Yankee games and generally soaking up the rest of his summer vacation before his new job starts, so I've had a chance to get some alone time in our very own space. It's so lovely and quiet here. I loved being right in the heart of Inman--ice cream, pizza, post office, coffee shop, bus stop all within reach!--but there's something to be said about going a little off the beaten path where there are actual neighbors instead of bars and convenience stores. Our neighbors have a grapevine and peach trees that hang over the fence between us. I'm figuring out ways to befriend them so our end of summer can be cobbler and muffin scented.

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The Michelle Show said...

Ugh, sorry you have to ddeal with poor landlords, we are currently in the process of moving out of the same situation.
Girl if they hang over your fence, in my opinion, you have free rights to the tree! Hahaha