Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And just like that

So many things are happening lately. We're planning our trip to Georgia in July, and a friends camping trip sometime soon. Mike was offered and accepted a teaching position in Eastern Mass, and all of the anxiety I didn't realize I'd been feeling about that transition has faded away. We spent last weekend in Charlestown, RI, at Burlingame State Park pitching tents, building fires, roasting s'mores, and swimming in lakes (well, just one, but I was on a roll). We saw fireflies, one of the main things I miss about the south. Boston has penciled in Summer for tomorrow and Thursday with 90 degree temperatures, just in time for our very first kickball game.

I've started rereading East of Eden and am noticing so much more than the first time round. Something about reading in the summertime makes me feel whole, like something's come full circle. It's like waking up after an afternoon nap (the good kind) and realizing you still have a whole half day ahead of you. Or coming back from a weekend away and it's still light out and not yet dinnertime.

I loved camping with Mike. It brought back so many memories of camping with my family when I was a kid, swimming in the lake (they're much warmer in Georgia) and falling dead asleep at the end of the day. It was nice to share that with Mike. I'm getting excited to have him home full time come Friday, excited to see how our relationship will change and grow, how our time together will not be so regimented, but fluid and natural. I'm excited for the amount of time I've spent with friends that past few weeks, the ease with which the change has come about. We're all crawling out of our winter selves, stretching in the light of the sun and the company of one another.

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