Friday, May 11, 2012

Things I have learned since last Friday:

1. Mike and I are very similar in ways I did not expect. Last Friday he pouted after the pizza we made would not release from the wax paper on which we had baked it. On Saturday, he mmm'd and yum'd at my overcooked croissants while I rested my bottom lip on the kitchen floor. (Trust me, that is not a place you want your bottom lip to be.)
2. Wax paper, while cheaper, is not the same as parchment paper.
3. Wax paper peels off cold pizza much more nicely than it does from hot pizza (and you have less chance of losing your toppings!).
4. I will eat anything.
5. Saying things like, "How do I expect to ever be a real baker?!" doesn't unoverbake croissants.
6. Planning other people's birthdays is a major source of self-induced stress for me. It is also a major source of great joy and anticipation.
7. Part of my love for other people's birthdays stems from my uncontrollable addiction to baked goods. I currently have cookie dough in my fridge, cupcakes on my kitchen table, and still plans for Twinkie ice cream (Mike's favorite) and red velvet cake for Mike's mom (her birthday's right after Mother's Day).
8. It is impossible to find Twinkies within a one mile radius of my apartment. Tomorrow I will venture out of that one mile radius and get the prize!
9. I know almost every word to every song in Dirty Dancing.
10. While I don't plan to get a dog anytime soon, I am shocked that I have lasted this long without friends with dogs.

Wednesday was Jenna's birthday, so Mike and I dogsat while she and Ron went to dinner. We lounged on their couch, ate their pickles, and cuddled with Piper. I've finished the last details of Mike's scavenger hunt for today, and the majority of the prep for tonight is done. Last night I took a much needed reprieve and got drinks with Meg and Tom at The Thirsty Scholar. There were wings and basketball and summer beers! There was also Ray Allen and that smooshed up adorable mean face he makes when he's doing free throws.

It's almost the weekend (the weekend!). Insert big sigh.

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