Thursday, February 2, 2012

That'll do.

Last night I blew off holing up in my crappy apartment, making soup, watching How I Met Your Mother, and crocheting. Last night I met up with friends, had one too many beers (which is to say, two), ate the rest of my peanut butter ice cream, curled up waiting for Mike, and felt more content than I have in a while.

Sometimes I worry that I'm so stuck in my ways, in my comfort zone, in my I-don't-have-any-money-ness that I forget that I live in a city that I love. There are coffee shops that make my heart skip a beat within walking distance. There are entire neighborhoods drastically different from one another within walking distance. As much as all of this apartment stuff has been bringing me down, it's been so easy to forget that I love the four windows in my room, I love seeing the bustle of Cambridge Street below, the honking horns and the sirens, the yelling of the bar patrons at 1 am. (Okay, I'm getting sentimental.) I love how quickly I can get home after a long, slow dinner at City Girl, or that I can roll out of bed to catch a bus to the gym in the mornings. That deciding I want to bake cookies at eight o'clock at night means walking over to Johnnie's, or wanting to see the fifth season of Gilmore Girls means a seven minute walk to the library. That I can stop at Jenna's on the way, let myself in with my spare key, be near people I love most within the span of a phone call and a brisk walk.

I know someday that I want land, a house with a yard, places with silence where I can take my coffee, thoughts, and notebook. But for now, I am young. I am inexperienced, unsure of what exactly I want or need, and all I have is everything I have. And, for now, that is enough.

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Ana said...

Hi Mel, Thanks for stopping by my blog! From your description it sounds like you live in Inman Square - I work in Inman! I would probably gain 200 pounds working so close to delicious Druid burgers :)