Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear Ludlow,

It's nice to see you again. Somehow you remind me of my hometown in Georgia, whether it's the way I feel slowed down when I'm here or because you have the opportunity to get soft serve from a drive-through. 

Dear Valentine,
You know, you were my first Valentine ever. I remember in middle school I bought one of those carnations they sold for $1 that you could send to your secret crush for Clayton Herndon, and somehow he found out it was from me. I was so embarrassed and shy, I think my face was red for a week. Thanks for saying yes when I asked you and giving my blush-glands (that's the scientific term) a break. You were worth the wait.

Dear Valentine's Day,
I couldn't really care less, but I'm having fun making my own scratch tickets for Mike's scavenger hunt next Wednesday. (Tuesday will be too busy to actually go out and do anything.)

Dear Couch to 5k Running App,
You've done what no one else has been able to do--not even that super strong inspirational woman from Biggest Loser--you've gotten me to get off my butt and go running on a regular basis. Thanks for reminding me I had it in me the whole time.

Dear Lily Tuck,
You are killing me with this book of yours. So glad to be engrossed in a novel once again!

Dear milk frother at Williams-Sonoma,
You will soon be mine. I have justified that you will pay yourself off after one long weekend spent reading and writing at home during this second blast of winter. (Plus Meredith inspired me to show my mocha pot some more love!) See you soon!


Christina Coursey said...

What part of Ga? I lived in Atlanta and Kennesaw. Now I live in Longmeadow, Ma. I miss ATL!!

Emily Hope said...

YES - I wan to try that couch to 5K app so badly. I am glad to hear you say it's good. I am always weary about these things.

lori said...

im from georgia, too :)

good job with the couch to 5k program!

and what novel is it? i am always looking for good reads to add to my list :)