Monday, February 27, 2012

Blog Crushes

I fell into the blogging world last year, and one of my favorite parts about it is the seemingly endless amounts of inspiration I can glean from others in the community. Whether it's photography, DIYs, or simple thoughts that expand my perspective, I've fallen in love with several blogs along the way.
Not only is Rebekkah Seale an amazing artist with a very distinct and unique style, her posts in the form of letters make you feel like you've just made a trip to the mailbox and returned with an armful of loot from really thoughtful pen pals. Her photos from around Tennessee make me miss the South, and her knitting adventures push me to get better at the craft.

Meredith is adorable. If only every weekend could look like her weekend plans! Her sweater challenges and cozy apartment make me miss my college days and wish I'd spent more time crocheting between classes. I love the idea of blogging for confidence, and honestly, her photos are just plain fun to look at. So grab your knitting or crochet needles and head over for some inspiration.

Sometimes Meg's writing makes me stop in my tracks. She doesn't hold anything back. Her writing challenges me to write more from the heart and to listen to the urge to write more than I do. Her photos are always a fun glimpse into Manhattan life, but her words, well, they're the meat of it.
People Webs
I recently discovered this blog, and I devoured it in about three days. She crochets the most adorable sweaters and bows and directly inspired me to try my hand at crocheting a pair of slippers.

Where do you get your inspiration these days?

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