Friday, October 21, 2011

This is it.

Today's my last day at my job! It feels like the last day of school -- you go because you have to, but you don't feel that usual weight of responsibility. It's a wonderful feeling. I am actually doing some work before my exit interview at 11, then I turn in my computer and wait it out for the day. Not sure if they're going to release me early, so we'll see. I brought a book just in case. My cubicle is sad and empty, but I'm happily munching on last night's (slightly undercooked) banana bread and sipping on ice cold water. I just hope I get out in time to enjoy some of this beautiful fall day that's graced us after the rain.

I'll also be without a computer for about a week or until I bite the bullet and buy one (GUH), so things will get pretty quiet around here. I'm looking forward to non-stop crocheting, reading, and scribbling in my notebook.

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