Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do as you done.

This is a painting by the lovely Rebekka Seale of Dear Friend, -- which I love for the aesthetics and the friendly letter format. I love Flannery O'Connor, and as someone who calls Georgia home, I lovelovelove this! I'm heading home at the end of this month for a week, and I'm excited to be immersed in southern accents, warm-ish weather, and family. 

The sun is making its afternoon appearance. The past few days it's started out gray and rainy, then ends in partly clear skies and peeks of sunshine. Last night I stopped at Trader Joe's on Boylston after work, which was both a wonderful and horrible idea. It's a small store, and the after work crowd piles down into the store. You pretty much stand in a line that snakes through the store, shopping as you go. Despite the awe-inspiring line and new style of shopping, I got some pumpkin ice cream that made me talk to myself, and plenty of ingredients that make Vegetober not seem so daunting. Considering I ate ribs, roasted chicken, and a burger days before October began, I feel like I'll have meat in my system until the month is even over. 

This week is the first official week of Mike being my roommie. I get so giddy and warm when I think about it. Tomorrow's his first Wednesday of coming home, and I can't wait to make dinner and cuddle in the middle of the week. I made an eye appointment for Friday, and I'm so excited at the idea of new glasses with an updated prescription. I also ordered new boots from Target with my birthday money, so I'm pretty much living a life of luxury today.


Ashley Slater said...

what the what?!? those boots are from target? I have been pining for a pair that looks almost exactly alike from aldo that are 100 bucks...and husband says I cannot buy them because they are ONE HUNDRED DOLLHAIRS... but these beauties? I think I a can convince him!

p.s. funny painting! haha

Mel said...

I know!! I saw them yesterday and couldn't imagine finding such perfect boots cheaper anywhere else. They're on back order, so it's going to be like a late birthday present/early Christmas gift!!