Monday, October 17, 2011

Beginning the end.

What a weekend. Friday was full of prepping for my final days at work, knitting, learning to crochet granny squares (and the subsequent teasing from Jenna for being an old lady), pizza and salad and beer at City Girl with Jennatron, torrential downpours, new boots. Saturday started with not a drip of rememberance for the Friday's downpours. There was breakfast in bed (pancakes), wandering the book festival, a wonderful reading by local talent, and new glasses. I broke Mike's quiche pan and he proceeded to make a quiche that convinced me I do, in fact, like quiche. There were video games and The Walking Dead and cuddling. Sunday there was brunch and apple picking, pumpkin carving, apple pie cookies (that I insisted on messing up twice, which resulted in some frustrated tears and a lot of kisses and hugs from Mike). I start my final week at work feeling refreshed, contemplative, thankful.

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Cara-Mia said...

Aw I like the haunted house!! Maybe someday I'll be able to do the advanced pieces haha.