Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It's another beautiful day. I overslept and took full advantage of my ability to work from home. I keep taking sporadic breaks to clean up around the apartment. I'm rarely home these days, and when I am it's a few hours before bed or a few hours before work or eight hours during work, so I never feel like I get to enjoy the clean I try to keep. Hopefully after October life will slow down a bit and I can enjoy this space I pay so much stinkin' rent for.

The tree outside my window is taunting me with its yellow leaves. Come outside, it says. Go for a walk. Go apple-picking. I'm wearing leggings and a loose dress today, and I feel like I've finally given in to fall. There's so much promise today: A new book to pick, a day closer to birthday celebrations, hours alone at home to work and clean at will, tons and tons of homemade coffee.

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