Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today is my Friday.

Tonight I'm flying off to New Orleans to spend a weekend with the old 20 Lopez crew. It's been a long time coming (my visits are always so anticipated, so belated), and I'm excited to experience a brand new city. I'm loading up my Pentax, my film, and my summer dresses for one final stint in 80 degree weather.

Some things before I go...

  • Mike came over last night since we won't be seeing each other this weekend. I went for a walk to the library and grocery store last night, and when I returned, he had set up a whole scavenger hunt for me. The final index card described my birthday weekend: A trip to Philly, a special Friday night (still a surprise), Saturday with Philly friends (and bowling!!), and a relaxed Sunday before heading back that night. I'm usually the one baking a cake for others' birthdays, and I must admit it felt so nice to be thought of 100% for my birthday. 
  • I also made these ridiculous things last night. SO. GOOD. I'm wrapping them in tin foil and bringing them below the Mason-Dixon line tonight. I hope they go well with white wine!
  • Meg took me out for breakfast early this morning for some much-needed roommie time. The bacon was crisp and the syrup was real and from Vermont. On the way home...
  • I stopped at Blick art supplies and oh man. I had to cut my wandering short because of, you know, work and stuff, but I could've spent days in there convincing and unconvincing and reconvincing myself to buy watercolors and postcards and colored pencils! A return trip is definitely in order. I left with free pencils (I won them!), a brand-spanking new journal, two pens (maroon and black), some green yarn (crochet season is upon us), and a frame for a gift for Crysty. They had a sale going, so I got 20% off my purchase, which diminished the dent a bit. No regrets on my first purchase in a while. 
  • Love this blog with all my little heart. 
  • I can't wait for New Orleans. 
That's all. 

xo, Mel.

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