Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reminiscent photo dump.

1. Almost a month ago, Mike and I headed out on the open road to Bangor, Maine, where a free hotel room (courtesy of his dad's travel points) awaited us. It's kind of a small town, but Acadia National Park is only about an hour's drive away. We spent some time there, some time in town at the State Fair, and some time along the trip up and back.
2. The walk around Acadia was beautiful. We took one of the trails that wrapped around the reservoir, then veered off and up to Bubbles, one of the lookout points.
3. It was almost a straight shot up stone steps to the top of Bubbles, but the view was worth it. We took a lot of breaks photo opps.
4. We swam in Echo Lake, which is much warmer than the ocean swimming options. We played football and generally avoided the large, loud family that camped near us in the sand.
5, 6, & 7. Friday night we headed to the Bangor State Fair for fresh lemonade, french fries, soft serve, a sea lion show, and a lumberjack show. We wandered in the cool night, people-watching and holding hands.
8. We made a point to stop along the way to Bangor including Portsmouth, NH, and Portland, ME. In Portland, we ran into some friends from Cambridge who were there for a Beirut concert. We stumbled on a Taste of the World event, where vendors representing countries from all around the world served food and sold handmade goods. There was live music, a nice breeze, and a big lawn where we could relax and enjoy the smells and the people.
9 & 10. Mike and I celebrated (too soon, it turns out) reaching the top of Bubbles in Acadia. We still had a little ways to go, but our muscles were pretty strong at this point and so, we documented.
11. We stopped for lunch on the way back on Monday, and this awesome sign was standing proudly outside. Too bad they didn't spring for a copy editor.

This was by far one of my favorite weekends/trips of this summer.

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