Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene in Instagrams.

Our original, pre-Irene plan for this weekend was to have a tag sale in Ludlow. We'd spent all month sorting through our stuff and picking what we could part with, assembling boxes and tubs for the tag sale. Then Irene happened, and we went ahead anyway. Mike came out the big seller with his $1 worth of rubber duckies (four of them, if you were wondering). I spent most of the morning making/eating waffles and embroidering this laser cat for my dear friend Nabi.
Friday night we braced for the storm, buying organic basil and cilantro plants for our windowsill, peanut butter, and tuna. Unfortunately the water aisle at Big Y left us a little parched. Saturday night we killed zombies until about two in the morning, and it didn't rain one bit. Sunday we woke up to this:

Alas, Ludlow was spared again, and this was all of the damage to speak of. I've heard there were some trees down in my neighborhood and my office is closed today because of a power outage and a tree down. These are the days I hate the ability to work from home. Hope everyone else fared as well as we did. 


Ashley Slater said...

oh my goodness....the damage! the horror! how are you planning on recovering? I mean, the for rent sign is going to take at least 30 seconds to put back up. You will be in my prayers.

I crack myself up. You have no idea.

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The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!

chrissy said...

i love 'petite insanitites' and i love secia and now i love your blog! looking forward to reading more.


Mel said...

One step ahead of you, Ash!

And Chrissy, she's great isn't she?