Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Letters & Postcards

Dear Comcast: You get one more chance. See you Friday. Dear Last Night: You were a huge source of inspiration and encouragement. Walking through the city that hasn't felt like my city in a while, I could feel myself reclaiming it. I texted Jenna, I'm excited. It's so fun being young. She teased me, but oh boy, isn't it true? Dear Cherry Coke: I have resisted A&W root beer in the company fridge for months now and here you come strutting in and demanding I sip you out of a straw, pretending my sister's sitting right next to me. I enjoyed you, but this is a one-time occurrence. Dear Festa: I get to experience you for the first time this weekend, and all of the Ludlocals' hype means you have some big shoes to fill. Excited for weeks of end-of-summer festivities coming up; you my dear, are the first. See you this weekend. Dear East of Eden: You are bulky, long, and your aged library hardcover threatens to fall off. I haven't given up on you yet, so please return the favor and I'll reward you with continued gushing of your greatness. Dearest Mooshk: I'm excited for our ride back to Western Mass tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully This American Life doesn't spend the whole ride buffering again.

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