Monday, August 8, 2011

A break from the August Break.

It's Monday morning. I woke up in the bed of friends for whom I'm dogsitting, Mike right beside me. At 6:56 I'm up, grabbing a plastic bag and a leash. I love early mornings, so I don't mind walking alongside Sheba as she sniffs and squats, pauses and chases a bird up ahead.

Saturday was a beach day that reminded me of summer trips to Florida with my family, spending most of the day in the water, among the waves, boogie board strapped around my wrist, hair loose around my shoulders. When was it that I started to feel compelled to lie half-naked in the sun instead of diving into the waves? We climbed the nearby rock island that you can walk to in low tide. We watched the tide approach us as the sun circled overhead. We played bocce, tossing quick and hard with each new inch the shore gained on us. I read, I napped, I floated with my ears ducked into the ocean, watching the sky and feeling water moving all around. After a shower, heated fried rice, a big bowl of ice cream with sprinkles, and a movie that made me laugh so hard I cried, we napped on the couch until 1 am, legs intertwined.

Yesterday I took four separate naps, complete with drool and legs splayed across the couch and Mike's legs as he finished up school work. I woke around 5 for a shower, a walk with the dog, and a trip to downtown JP, where Mike and I had the best quesadilla either of us has ever had. Portobello mushrooms, baby spinach, jack cheese on a spinach tortilla -- who knew? I can't wait for the final wedge we saved for tonight. I photographed side streets of JP and Mike's closed eyes, then we headed back for Bananagrams and a card game. Mike stayed up watching the Red Sox/Yankee game while I napped for a fifth time on the couch, waking only to remind him to graze my legs with his fingertips.

I'm back in the office today, relishing the quiet and hoping the hours pass quickly so I can return to my little staycation.

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