Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hitting the jackpot.

I'm a pretty lucky lady. I live in an adorable, quirky apartment in my favorite part of Cambridge; I have so many friends that live within fifteen minutes of me (one that shares a door with me); I have a full-time job with great benefits and a flexible schedule that allows me ample opportunity to see the next guy on this list; I have an amazing, generous boyfriend who makes me laugh and inspires me to be kinder; and I have a bike and a whole city at my disposal.

Sometimes, especially when I don't have any money gets tight, I get all woe is me. But the truth is, I'm in the top 99th percentile for fucking lucky people, so I need to cherish it and quit my whining. What do you need to stop and smell today?


Anonymous said...

YES! i love this. sometimes i just have to stop and think of all the things i have going for me...life is pretty awesome.

Mel said...


Thanks for stopping by! Yes, this stop-and-smell-how-awesome-your-life-is moment is necessary more often than not. It's such an easy and free way to kick the blues away.