Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't sit down! (and a quick recipe)

Seriously, though. My coworker sent me this link this morning, and we both proceeded to freak out. Even if you exercise, your risk increases. It's just another reminder that I need to keep working toward my ideal career, whatever that may be. Also a great reminder that I need to become more active, if only to stagnate this terrible process undergoing my body via this office job. I'm so blessed to have a boyfriend who's sports crazy to push me to try new things and stay on my feet.

Mike and I got back to Cambridge last night and made dinner and some molten lava cakes for Jenna's birthday. She and Ron get back today from San Fran, and we're celebrating at her apartment after work. I'm excited to give her her gift; I think I did pretty well this year! I just need to grab a white frame after work and head over.

I braved the impending rain today, and rode my bike. The cool wind was pretty refreshing, and I always feel so awake (even sans coffee!) when I ride my bike. Granted, I only rode it to the train, but one of my goals this summer is to ride it all the way into Newton one day. There's a company gym in our building, so I can just shower when I get to work. I'm excited to have a goal, and hopefully one day I can build up to training for a triathlon or something. Cheers to resolutions in the middle of the year!

For dinner last night, Mike and I had some pasta, chicken apple sausage, mushrooms, onions, and red sauce. It was guh-lish. I knew I wanted a salad with the pasta, but I was hesitant to buy a whole bunch of greens, since I'll be heading back to Ludlow tomorrow for birthday celebrations. Then, standing in the cheese area of Market Basket, my lightbulb flicked on. Of course! A caprese salad!

I bought a little ball of mozzarella, some on-the-vine tomatoes, and a little bunch of basil. Simply slice the mozzarella and arrange on a plate. Slice the tomatoes and layer on top of the cheese, then place chopped bits of basil on top. Sprinkle with cracked black pepper and balsamic vinegar to taste. We used some basil for our pasta too! It was refreshing and a great reminder that summer's on its way. Plus we used all of the ingredients (totaling about $6 in all - cheaper than a caprese salad for one at a restaurant!), so there's no waste.

What simple spring/summer recipes are you rediscovering this time of year? Please share!

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