Friday, March 18, 2011


I slept weird and my neck has a crick in it. I wish it had a cricket in it. That would be more worthy of writing about.

I've been in this weird writing lull. When I finally get time to sit down and write, my brain is blank and my mouth opens and suddenly the whole earth is blacker than my brain, the future is bleak. Hopefully it's just a phase.

Randall is in town, and it's been interesting being around someone who knows and remembers well the middle school me. No one up here is acquainted with the younger, more prude-ish, boy haircut and body type, soft spoken and painfully shy version of me. I don't necessarily miss her, but I still have a dang soft spot for her. Last night was hot dogs and beer at Bukowski's because everywhere else was charging a cover and way too packed. Cyndi ended up bailing on coming because she planned too last minute which meant last minute hurdles and last minute realizations that it's real far and real expensive. I wish I could make it down there for the Cherry Blossom Festival, but we may have to settle for a May visit.

I've been going back and forth between getting shit done and doing absolutely nothing other than daydreaming and checking the time on my phone to see if the day's almost over. My bosses have been on vacation this week, so it's been pretty lax and I've felt like my own boss. How intoxicating.

Yesterday and today have been tiny doses of spring, and I'm excited to report that after a new haircut, a sunny bike ride, and two days of cuffing my pants and wearing Toms/flip flops, I'm a happy girl. Body issues have been plaguing me this past month, and I'm excited to get those figured out and go into the newest season with a sunnier disposition.

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