Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I remember this mug we had when I was younger, and for all I know, my parents still have it. It had that prayer, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." It was a while before I knew that was the mantra for Alcoholics Anonymous, and a while before I recognized how strange it was that it was in our house. It was an even longer while before I learned how to do what the mug instructed.

I had a minor freak out talking to Cyndi today (blessing #982394234: Having friends you feel comfortable enough with to freak out to knowing they understand you're not as crazy as you seem). Dad's coming in April and I suggested he meet Mike's parents. Then I realized: Dad can't really afford to cover the bill for everyone, and I wouldn't want that weird moment between an enjoyable meal and paying the bill. Granted, this is a moment that I get hyperfocused on because I can't afford to pick up more than my share of the bill usually and I get sweaty-hands-awkward when others pay my share. I get quiet and grateful in a strangely submissive way. It's not pretty.

Cyndi snapped me out of it, though. She said my dad's a big boy, that he's been around a lot longer than I have, and worrying about these things this far in advance helps no one other than the doctor I'll have to pay to treat my stomach ulcers.

I actually made it into the office today, for my one and only day working from here for the week. Tomorrow I'm getting my haircut (I gave in!) at Judy Jetson's for the first time ever, based on a recommendation from a random girl walking in Harvard whose haircut was adorable. Fingers crossed! Either way, it'll be nice to see past my bangs again. I spent some of the morning perusing pictures of Zoey Deschanel's haircuts for inspiration.

Housewarming at Mykim's was canceled, so Jenna, KMo, and I are figuring out a new location to hang. Dreary day today, a perfect match for my ongoing Bon Iver and Sarah Jaffe marathon.

I have a phone interview with the author of The Accidental Administrator series in half an hour, so I'm preparing for that and gathering things for the newsletter tomorrow. I've been pretty productive this week even with Michael gone, which just further proves that I work best under pressure. And alone. Weird-o.

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