Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Mike and I wrote a short story together a while ago and yesterday he gave it to me in a frame. Adorable and perfect.

Writing group tonight, and it will be the second night in a row when I drink coffee after 5 PM, usually a no-no. Spent the morning trying not to fall out of my seat as I slept on the bus and the train, so I'll have to do some reading on the commute after work.

I love the researching and writing aspects of my job. I love the feeling of sitting down to write a blog post or figure out what I'm going to write about next. Another aspect of the job that I don't love so much? Interviewing experts in IT to give my blog posts context, clarity and compelling quotes. I'm terrified of other people, apparently. Today I had my second ever phone interview, and it ended up going well. Though I spent a good forty-five minutes sweating from my palms and studying on everything that could possibly come up and jotting down possible questions, I felt relaxed. I even made a joke that made him laugh! I think I got some good stuff, so when I'm done frantically finishing some other stuff, I get to sit down, relax, and write.

Consider that blessing counted.

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